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Low Oxygen

Fire Prevention  

The low oxygen controlled atmosphere system can regulate and control the air inside individual rooms with a 
2% accuracyUnique about the CA system is the possibility to create an inert atmosphere and is ideal for data storage rooms, museums, archives or storage depots. By placing or exhibiting items in a controlled atmosphere room or showcase with 17% oxygen, fire cannot ignite.  

Therefore, this low oxygen atmosphere provides a total and cost-effective solution to prevent fire ingition and thus, fire damage. 

The CA system is also ideal for the control of temperature and humidity and can help e.g. museums preserve their most valuable artifacts against deterioration by protecting them from the effects of humidity changes, biological attacks such as insects, as well as from thermal and photo chemically induced oxidation.




Protection & Preservation

The controlled atmosphere system also supports the preservation of artifacts.

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b-Cat Fire Prevention has a all new website!

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