Fire Prevention Solutions

The controlled atmosphere system controls the air inside depots, storage rooms, data rooms, archives and museums in order to prevent fire from igniting. The system lower the oxygen to 17%; a level in which fire is prevented from igniting.

The CA system can also control humidity and temperature which is ideal for museums and data storage rooms; they are sensitive to biological damage such as fungi and insects and need optimal control in order to prevent e.g. overheating. Oxygen, humidity and temperature are all controlled by a central computer.

The CA system can be applied in any kind of room or space such as depots, archives, storage rooms, showcases, exhibition rooms, containers, tents or bags as long as they are gas-tight. If your to-be-controlled space is not yet gas-tight, we can do that for you.



Protection & Preservation

The controlled atmosphere system also supports the preservation of artifacts.

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New Website!

b-Cat Fire Prevention has a all new website!

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