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How it works

Controlled Atmosphere 

The CA system is able to control:
  • Oxygen level (between 0,03% and 20,9% O2)
  • Relative humidity (RH level between 15% and 99%, within 2% accuracy)
  • Temperature
  • Other additional gasses (e.g. nitrogen)


Regular air around us contains 20,9% oxygen and 78,1% nitrogen. First, the room needs to be made (reasonably) air tight. Afterwards, the controlled atmosphere system will filter the oxygen from the air inside the treatment room, using an oxygen scrubber (N2 generator).

This N2 generator is based on active carbon filtering, with automatic regeneration. The active carbon ‘catches’ the oxygen, keeping it inside the filter while the rest of the air, mainly consisting of nitrogen, if being pumped back into the room. This process is repeated until the desired levels are reached.

In order to be able to control the humidity safely and accurately, b-Cat uses an ultrasonic mist system that produces the finest mist available (0.7-1 µ). It is of utmost importance to ensure that the mist is quickly absorbed in the ambient air, and forming of moisture is avoided. For the this reason, every room or showcase is equipped with its own ultrasonic mist humidifier.

This is regulated by individual heating systems inside the controlled room or space. These heating elements are managed by the same control system to which the oxygen and humidity are connected.

The ZerOx system can be applied in any kind of room or space such as depots, archives, storage rooms, showcases, exhibition rooms, containers, tents or bags as long as they are gas-tight. If your to-be-controlled space is not yet gas-tight, we can do that for you.

Central Control
One central control unit can regulate up to a 100 rooms simultaneously, no matter whether these rooms or spaces are used for fire prevention, conservation of art, or natural fumigation of food products against insects; the system can control for them all at the same time. 




Protection & Preservation

The controlled atmosphere system also supports the preservation of artifacts.

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New Website!

b-Cat Fire Prevention has a all new website!

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