Fire can’t ignite

in conditions with less than 17% oxygen

Hypoxic fire prevention averts damage

Fire cannot ignite under hypoxic conditions with less than 17% oxygen. With our technologies you are able to create such conditions in e.g. depots, server rooms, Li-ion battery storage, refrigerated warehouse, cold store or archives all places where a fire would cause irreparable damage and/or business disruption. Reduced oxygen (Hypoxia)is an internationally accepted method of fire prevention. It creates an low oxygen atmosphere in which people can still work safely. By incorporating the necessary alarm systems and safety measures, the system meets the required European labour standards for workers.

Three components are necessary for fires to develop: oxygen, heat energy and fuel. If one of these three components is taken away, there is no way a fire can break out, our systems are based on this principle.

Prevent fire active before it start

Some applications

Data centers

Inhibiting fire ignition…

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Prevents ignition from all common ignition sources…

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Preventing fire is much more feasible that extinguishing it..

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Refrigerated warehouse

Where water is no option…

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Controlled Atmosphere technology is also used in other areas such as insect treatment, high altitude training and the preservation of cultural heritage. If you are interested in other b-Cat activities, please visit our universal website

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We don’t extinguish fires, we prevent them!