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B-Cat Fire Prevention builds and installs controlled atmosphere systems that lowers the oxygen level in a room, storage, museum or any other space to 17%. In this low oxygen air, fire cannot ignite and thus will not damage your properties.

The advantages in comparison to e.g. a sprinkler system, is that fire, and thus the damage is prevented instead of minimalized. Also, water damage caused by water extinguishers is not relevant when using our low oxygen fire prevention system.

B-Cat is a part of the CA Technology Group, an international company with over 45 years of experience in Controlled Atmosphere, adapting the atmosphere in cooling cells in order to maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables. The CA Technology Group is the worldwide market leader in this field, and is known for its high quality and service.

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b-Cat always welcomes an independent reseller who sells our product based on a commission model. We would like to be challanged going to new markets outside of our core markets, we strongly believe in building a partnership with a reseller/channel partner, who understands local conditions and has a deep understanding in how to approach decision makers in the industry.

Various CA applications

B-Cat uses Controlled Atmosphere Technology in various areas, including High Altitude Training, Insect Treatment and preservation of artifacts with Cultural Heritage. If you are interested in any of these applications of CA, please visit our universal website www.b-cat.nl.

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