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The technology we are using to create the hypoxic conditions are the same technology we are using already > 50 years for the Controlled Atmosphere System.

Our equipment is designed with the aim of keeping your energy consumption as low as possible. Not unimportant, because the price of energy is rising rapidly. It may just be that a cheaper alternative turns out to be very expensive when energy consumption is taken into account.  b-Cat only uses the best parts in its equipment. Solid German pumps, the best activated carbon, the most reliable electronics. So that the equipment can last years without any problems. 

What is the moost common Technology used:

VPSA N2 generators

VPSA technology (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) is based on an energy-efficient, low pressure technique. A VPSA can both circulate and inject. During circulation, the residual oxygen level reduces along with the oxygen in the connected area. Circulation is the most energy efficient mode for lowering the oxygen level in a storage area. So-called pull-down time is an indication of the time necessary for circulation to bring your storage cells to the required oxygen levels. During circulation, the VPSA reduces the oxygen concentration in the cell up to 30% quicker than when injecting.

The advantage of injection is that a cell can be kept at slight over-pressure so that is also can be used in a area with a minor leakage. With the VPSA, you can switch between injecting and circulating and vice versa at any given moment.

PSA N2 generators

PSA stands for Pressure Swing Absorption and is ideal for projects that require a great deal of nitrogen which must be supplied at high pressure. This involves large facilities in which oxygen removal is needed in high volumes. A PSA is suitable for making very pure nitrogen. We supply PSAs with a residual oxygen value of <0.1% and volumes up to 1,200 m3 h-1 which are extreemly suitable for large volumes of hypoxic conditions.

Since reliability and accuracy are values b-Cat Fire Prevention wishes to uphold, the best components available are used to fabricate and install the systems. Each product is assembled and completed in our factory, ensuring personal quality standards and sustainability.

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