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COS Olympic Preparation Centre

COS Olympic Preparation Centre in Zakopane takes advantage of unique situation of the facilities and exceptional geographical and historical factors. Both the situation of the Centre and a land development plan of Zakopane from the twenties of the 20th century, appoints the Central Sport Centre to the role of the continuator of conception of Sport Park from 1923.

Modernization of the Great Krokiew

By reason of granting Zakopane the right to organize competitions in the framework of World Cup and later Grand Prix in ski jumping, CSC Zakopane began phased, thorough modernization of the Great Krokiew. In 2001, a new referees tower was built, in 2003 whole ski jump lighting was installed and a new starting platform was constructed. In 2004, ski matting was laid and partially ground stands were renovated. Later, a coaching platform was modernized and locker rooms for sport teams were built. An undertaking that was carried out is commission of the pavilion at the Great Krokiew as well as modern chairlift, which not only lifts the ski jumpers, but also the tourists. In January 2013, a completely modernized sport boarding house “Zakopane” was commissioned.

This is where b-Cat came in. 11 High Altitude rooms were installed by b-Cat, varying from training to sleeping rooms on altitude.

A statement made by COS:“Endurance training in so called High Altitude has perfectly worked out during last years among both the athletes and physical effort enthusiasts. Professional athletes are completely convinced about the effectiveness of endurance trainings in simulated high altitude conditions.” 

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